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Welcome to Arwachin Public School

Since its founding more than a 5 decades ago, Arwachin has been preparing nursery to grade VIII school students with an education for a lifetime.

Our Mission

Arwachin delivers a high quality learning environment.

Our Vision

At Arwachin, we seek to develop each child and encourage them to develop a thirst for knowledge as well as an independent mindset

Our Values

We believe in nurturing your child’s today, for a bright and astounding tomorrow.

About Us

With the joy of traditions and ethos of India and modern technology in an environment where every child is an individual, Arwachin Public School offers English medium, secular, co-educational education from classes Montessori to VIII. The School is situated in a peaceful place in Delhi NCR. The academic building is an impressive structure designed by a well-known group of architects from New Delhi. The campus is scientifically planned, artistically designed and precisely constructed to meet thee demand in grooming the global Citizens. All classrooms are equipped with Smart-boards.This allows for large projection of a huge range of digital information and interaction with websites and educational software. Even better is the fact that the Smart-boards are at a perfect height for teacher demonstrations and the prep students to access. All classrooms have a bank of multimedia computers that are linked through the school’s network to the internet. A suite of reference and productivity programs are available for all students to utilise. A swimming pool,dining hall, library, computer lab, conference room, & an activity room. activity room provide activity based experiences and leisure pursuits for the children in their spare time. Conscious efforts are made to inculcate the reading habit and develop communication skills. In the middle section (VI to VIII) teachers integrate technology into the learning process.

Student’s Life


Think Labs

Think Lab is India’s largest hands-on science & technology education provider. This kind of a system instills scientific temper in school students through innovative programs in robotics and science.

Centrally Air-Conditioned Campus

The campus is centrally air-conditioned with facilities for air purification and filtration. This gives the students a pure and healthy environment to thrive in. The campus is also facilitated with a strong security system and high-speed Wi-Fi for smooth functioning.

Surveillanced Transport

The transport buses are well-equipped with GPS and sound tracking for your child’s commute from the school and back. The bus is put under personal visual supervision while the children are on board.

Online ERP System

The school is equipped with an online ERP system for the purpose of attendance, homework alerts, 24*7 parent-teacher online communication and online payments. This ensures that we minimize the use of unnecessary paper and helps us lead towards a greener society.

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