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We believe that in order to enrich a child’s educational experience, it is important that every student is given an opportunity to develop their artistic talent. Arwachin Public School considers Co-curricular Activity as an important part of a student’s life and encourages active participation of the student in all school activities


Arwachin facilitates training in both instrumental and vocal music. Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language, and can actually wire the brain’s circuits in specific ways. Linking familiar songs to new information can also help imprint information on young minds.


Taekwondo is a sport that exemplifies self-defence, discipline, focus, good health, and definitely holds a lot of benefits.The benefits of Taekwondo are quite numerous, each of which can go a long way in improving both your mental and physical health. Taekwondo is not all about the physical techniques as is the case with most of the martial arts. It also has a lot to do with the mental discipline as it incorporates goal setting and goal achieving techniques.


Theatre boosts self-awareness, cognitive thinking & analytical skills. Learning lines, studying characters, practising & performing all help to build confidence. The student learns to trust their instincts, ideas and abilities which they take to all aspects of their lives.


Arwachin Public School seeks to provide a space where children can, at least for a little while, put aesthetics and creative pursuit/practical craft at the centre of their lives. The movement of making pottery is gentle yet strengthening to the hands, wrists, and arms.


The arts are a powerful tool for complex and diversified learning for children and teenagers. Arwachin Public School seeks to inspire and instruct students through the many art forms that appeal so strongly to young people. Art also eases stress and boosts confidence levels.


At Arwachin, we have trained faculty to teach both Contemporary and Folk Dance. Dance can have many benefits on the student’s development.

Physical Benefits – Students build muscle strength while increasing flexibility. Young dancers develop a sense of balance and improve agility and coordination. Importantly, children also develop body awareness and learn correct posture.

These benefits extend beyond a student’s involvement with dance, helping youth involved in other disciplines, such as sports and martial arts. Studies have shown that physical activity helps children relieve stress and feel relaxed. It also is a great way to help your child develop a positive lifelong attitude about staying active and healthy.

Developmental Benefits – Dance classes are fun and a great way to meet new friends. Young dancers develop essential social skills through interaction with other students. Group choreography fosters teamwork, communication, trust and cooperation. Dance also has been proven to nurture important life skills, such as discipline and focus. Dancers naturally display confidence, self-esteem and poise. These skills are developed through participating in dance performances.

Artistic Benefits – One of the greatest benefits of dance is that it sparks a child’s imagination and nurtures individual creativity in a unique way. Dance classes share the joy of physical self-expression in a supportive and structured setting. This can have a positive impact on children who have limited physical abilities, who act out or who have a difficult time sitting still. Involving children in dance also teaches the basic elements of creative movement, such as time, space, rhythm and design.


Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout that promotes heart and lung health, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture. Encouraging your child to swim can also improve his mental and emotional health. Pushing your child to swim regularly can have significant benefits for both his health and safety. Especially on a hot day, swimming is a way to keep cool while encouraging a healthy level of activity.


Skating is the perfect way to combine fitness with fun. It has also proven to improve hand-eye coordination and physical strength. This is a way for our children to learn the benefits of staying healthy and in good physical condition at an early stage in their lives. Since regular workout programs aren’t as important for children, we make sure that enjoyment is the key ingredient in every sport or exercise program that is introduced to them and skating provides the perfect solution.

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