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When I Ease l Paint, I Learn... 

  • To develop my imagination and creativity
  • To develop eye-hand coordination
  • To distinguish and purposely create shapes
  • To express my feelings and ideas
  • That my ideas have value
  • Relationships of space and size
  • Concepts of symmetry, balance and design

When I Finger Paint, I Learn...

  • To exercise my imagination and creativity.
  • About how colours mix to make new colours.
  • Concepts of shape, size and location
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • An acceptable way to make a mess, and  
  • have fun sharing with others who are near

When I Paste, Glue and Make a Collage, I Learn...

  • To exercise my imagination and creativity
  • The concepts of shape, size and location
  • About different textures
  • How to create patterns and designs
  • To distinguish patterns from background

When I Work With Pegboards, I Learn...

  • One to one correspondence (one peg for one hole), a math skill
  • To make and repeat patterns, a math skill
  • Possible left to right progression, a reading skill
  • Concepts of addition, as I add one peg at a time
  • Colours, symmetry, shape, order and design
  • Eye-hand coordination

When I Participate in Circle Time, I Learn...

  • To sit still and understand spoken words
  • That my ideas have value to other children and my teacher
  • To wait for my turn when others are talking
  • New vocabulary words
  • To name others in the group.
  • To remember words of songs and poems and to put things in proper order
  • To cooperate and be considerate to others
  • To help plan what we will do and when we will need to do it.

When I Look at Objects at a Nature Table, I Learn...

  • New vocabulary
  • Concepts of texture, colour, weight and size
  • To group objects into categories
  • To observe likenesses and differences
  • To appreciate nature and develop a sense of wonder

When I String Beads, I Learn...

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Concepts of colour, shape and location
  • Number concepts like more, less, longer and shorter
  • To create and reproduce patterns
  • To take pride in accomplishment

When I Cut With Scissors, I Learn...

  • To control the small muscles in my hand
  • Concepts of shape, size, colour, and location
  • To exercise my imagination and creativity

When I Work With Letter Games, I Learn... 

  • To recognise and name upper and lower case letters
  • To associate letters with sounds they represent
  • That letters are part of words I say, and that
  • Letters make up all those magical words that people read to me from a book
  • To recognise my name and some other words, all on my own (without stress and without fear of failure) only if I want to and am ready.

When I go to School, I Learn...

  • That the teacher helps me, and is nice.
  • That all children are friends.
  • That we have to help each other.
  • That books will open up a whole new world.
  • That I like learning and going to school - a feeling worth having throughout life.

And I Learn...

  • That I am me
  • That I am wonderfully made
  • That a small child who is valued, cherished and loved counts in the world
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